Directore's Message

Global trade historically has led to progress and growth for countries open to trade. This has been borne in the writings of Tunisian Scholar Ibn Khaldun whose observations on trade pre-date Adam Smith by 400 years. Countries that withdrew from trade (China, Japan) suffered centuries of decline.

Today, the world is again buffeted by headwinds of protectionism, driven by factors like huge income inequality, anti-immigration sentiments, Islamic extremism etc. However, if history is any guide, world trade will again grow as it is imperative to the ability of countries to grow and innovate.

India has taken steps to better compete globally with its ranking in World Competitiveness rising from Rank 55(2015-16) to Rank 39(2016-17). It is also fastest growing economy among G-20 today. We need a cadre of managers with a global mindset capable of adapting to, and operating in various cultures and contexts.

XIMR aims to produce such leaders through a unique curriculum that integrates Liberal Arts with Management education. Courses such as Comparative Philosophy, GEDA, Comparative religion, Sociology etc prepare students with a broad, General Management perspective of business, in addition to this specialization area as per University Curriculum. Further, the Institute inculcates the Jesuit values of character, competence and commitment, creating leaders who will serve their organizations, and society as a whole.

We invite you to visit our heritage, 147 year old, campus to get a first-hand experience.

Prof. Dr. Vaidyanathan K. N